How It Works - Website on Rent

Step 1:
Tell us how you imagine and want your site to look or just ask us to show some of our pre-designed sites.

Step 2:
Choose what features you want your site to have and then choose a package...then we work the magic and get version 1 of your site built.

Step 3:
Once you are happy with the site, we connect it to your domain name, connect to google, and then its over to you! You have access to our website management tool allowing you to update your content as often as you like (we can do this for you of course!)

This is not the end..
Even after we hand your site over to you, it doesn't end there! We will be there to help and support you in growing your business and your site with a wide range of add on products all aimed at helping you to grow your business. And we will even redesign your site for free after three years!

Contact With Us

Contact Website On Rent for any query.